Valocity MyRebuild

Reinstatement insurance calculator.

Valocity’s MyRebuild model combines unique proprietary data and rich nationwide household rebuild data with building consent history and risk data, transforming insurance replacement cost management.

The resulting instant Reinstatement Cost Report provides a breakdown of a property’s reinstatement cost, as well as legal details, property attributes, construction materials, and any risk flags present.

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Enhanced customer engagement

Customers are connected to the journey using the MyRebuild calculator, bringing increased visibility and insights to the reinstatement insurance process.

Lenders can send a MyRebuild link to their customer for full visibility of both the insurance process and reinstatement estimate, providing a useful tool for customer engagement.

With Valocity MyRebuild

  • Leverage data to understand risk and property details, supporting informed decision-making
  • Benefit from transparency, education, and information sharing, enabling all participants in the insurance ecosystem to understand the available information, accuracy, and coverage
  • Utilise agile models that factor in the changing costs and dynamics of the market through feedback loops

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