Valocity Climate

Climate and environmental risk solution.

Integrated with unique geospatial tools, Valocity’s Climate module enables powerful layering of climate change data against property and portfolio, supporting sustainable mortgage lending, credit risk, and portfolio reporting.

These tools are customisable to suit a lender’s unique policies and ensure that front-line decisioning is aligned with risk profile and appetite.

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Sustainable data partnerships

By partnering with leading climate data providers and scientists, Valocity delivers a suite of tools designed to meet the evolving ESG and sustainability requirements for lenders.

These partnerships provide unique data across numerous verticals, including sea level rise, earthquake risk, flood risk, and rainfall.

With Valocity Climate

  • Research individual properties to understand risk and climate change data
  • Gain access to geospatial tools and customised views to determine how climate change may impact a property or location over time
  • Leverage insights, analysis, and bulk data to understand how climate change can impact your lending portfolio

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