Valocity iRent

Real-time rental estimates.

Valocity’s iRent Report uses market-leading models to provide an instant assessment of a property’s rental estimate.

The solution also enables benchmarking against suburb rental data to measure rental portfolio performance, as well as calculating the predicted rental yield based on the iVal estimate.

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A strategic data partnership

Valocity’s partnership with Palace enables the delivery of the most comprehensive rental property data to the New Zealand property management and lending sectors.

Combined with Valocity’s proprietary analytical models and data sets, this provides the most granular insights and visibility into key rental market indicators, values, and trends.

With Valocity iRent

  • Obtain an accurate rental assessment to instantly validate the rental return for investment lending
  • Leverage market-leading rental models to gain valuable insights into properties and areas where you may be under or over-renting
  • Enhance rental portfolio management with the use of iRent in bulk to validate your rental portfolio

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