Valocity Data & Analytics

Turning insight into foresight.

Valocity Data & Analytics empowers the property ecosystem by providing deep insights into valuation workflow, operational analytics, portfolio risk, and market performance, redefining decision-making and optimising efficiency.

This solution can be used as a standalone product, or embedded into Valocity Residential or Valocity Nexus.

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Fast, data-driven decision-making

Customers can harness rich, interactive, always-on reporting and analytics to track portfolio growth and market movement, facilitating effective policy and risk management.

Valocity’s Data and Analytics powers an organisation’s internal decision-making, enhancing the customer experience by delivering property, market, climate and hazard, and region-specific data.

With Valocity Data & Analytics

  • Gain access to the latest, nationwide property data and market insights – with the ability to filter and analyse data providing valuable insights
  • Benchmark against aggregated industry data
  • Leverage interactive mapping to explore areas of interest for more granular analysis
  • Visualise concentration vs. market trends with the ability to drill down to a property level

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