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Property Insights Reports NZ

Digitising the property ecosystem

Property Insights Reports NZ

Valocity reshapes the world of property valuation, mortgage lending, and real estate. Our solutions transform the traditional process of finding and financing a home into a seamless and unique experience.

Valocity facilitates end-to-end connectivity within the property ecosystem, leveraging unique solutions, data capture, and analytics to deliver transparent customer experiences, as well as supporting sustainable lending.

Our solutions at a glance

Valocity Residential
Valocity Climate
Data & Analytics
Property APIs
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End-to-end valuation ordering platform


Valocity Residential digitises the valuation ordering process, offering a full suite of features that automate workflows, deliver efficiency, and manage risk.


  • Seamlessly connect with valuers nationwide
  • Automate work allocation and valuation frameworks
  • Leverage the latest data for bench-marking and quality control
  • Ensure the right valuation product for the lending decision

Real-time automated valuation models


Combining machine learning algorithms, property data, and AI, Valocity iVal produces automated valuation models relative to the surrounding area of the subject property.

  • Leverage the latest property sales to drive accurate results
  • Enhance portfolio management with bulk iVals to back-test your property book
  • Analyse historical iVals to gain data driven market insights

Real-time rental estimates


Valocity’s iRent Report uses market leading models to provide an instant assessment of a property’s rental estimate.


  • Obtain an accurate rental assessment to instantly validate the rental return for investment lending
  • Leverage rental models to gain insights into properties and areas where you may be under or over-renting
  • Use of iRent in bulk to validate your rental portfolio

Combining data with valuer expertise


Valocity’s DeskVal connects lenders and mortgage brokers to accredited valuers, providing them with the data and tools needed to complete a desktop valuation assessment.


  • Leverage the latest real-time property sales
  • Order faster, cost effective, and seamless valuations
  • Increase confidence with expertise from valuers who understand nuances of the Australian property market

Rural valuation data platform


Valocity Agri enables customers to instantly see property attributes through an interactive, mapping solution.


  • Leverage an interactive GIS driven multi-layered platform
  • Identify farms and land characteristics with a title-centric view
  • Include bespoke internal valuation templates, providing validation of valuation information and rural reporting

Climate and environmental risk solution


Integrated with unique geospatial tools, Valocity’s Climate module enables powerful layering of climate change data against property and portfolio.


  • Drive sustainable mortgage lending and portfolio reporting
  • Understand risk and climate change data
  • Determine how climate change may impact a property or location​ over time

Turning insight into foresight


Customers can leverage rich, interactive, always-on reporting and analytics, allowing tracking of portfolio growth and market movement to manage policies and risk.


  • Gain access to the latest nationwide property data
  • Benchmark against aggregated industry data
  • Leverage interactive mapping for granular analysis
  • Visualise concentration vs. market trends

Plug and play data solutions


Valocity’s API gateway delivers a portfolio of API-powered micro-services, empowering partners and organisations to create new applications and solutions that leverage existing functionality.


Valocity’s API-first approach means that our software seamlessly integrates with other systems and third-party services.


Reinstatement insurance calculator


MyRebuild combines proprietary data and nationwide household rebuild data with building consent history and risk data, transforming insurance replacement cost management.


  • Understand risk and property details for informed decision-making
  • Benefit from process transparency and information sharing
  • Utilise agile models that factor in the changing costs and market dynamics through feedback loops

Innovative partners

Global recognition

Runner Up, Global Fintech of the Year at SFF

Valocity was recognised as Runner Up, Global Fintech of the Year 2022 at the world-renowned Singapore Fintech Festival (SFF).

The SFF Awards represent the highest accolade of Fintech innovation.

Winner, IFTA Fintech Scale Up of the Year Award

Valocity won Fintech Scale Up of the Year at India’s most prestigious Fintech awards, the IFTA.

Celebrating the best Fintech innovation from across the globe, this accolade recognised Valocity’s unique mortgage valuation and property analytics platform.

Winner, ASSOCHAM Excellence in Innovation and Technology

Valocity took home the Excellence in Innovation and Technology Award at the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) International Fintech Festival.

The Chamber focuses on strengthening India's domestic ecosystem and global competitiveness.

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