Valocity Agri

Rural valuation data platform.

Valocity Agri enables customers to instantly see property attributes through an interactive, highly visual mapping solution.

Whether it be the slope of the land, soil type, or land use, using the map layers and inbuilt measuring tools allows lenders to understand the geographical impacts on property values and portfolios.

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A one-stop shop for rural lending

Valocity Agri offers configurable valuation templates, a customisable workflow, and a searchable dashboard, so that lenders can record all production and valuation information for a farm.

Powerful sales and property search tools, plus a range of reports, give Agri users all the information they need in a single geospatial solution.

With Valocity Agri

  • Leverage an interactive GIS driven multi-layered platform
  • Identify farms and all land characteristics with a title-centric view
  • Include bespoke internal valuation templates, providing validation of valuation information and rural reporting

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