Valocity Core

End-to-end valuation management platform.

Valocity’s One Smart Platform digitises and standardises the mortgage valuation process with robust valuation workflows and rich, accurate data.

For the first time ever, Valocity enables lenders to onboard, manage, and connect their nationwide valuation panel. This enables secure and seamless digital collaborations, transactions, data capture, and information sharing.

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A one-stop shop solution

Developed using the latest bank-grade secure technology, Valocity Core is fully modular and customisable to suit a lender’s credit policy and processes. The platform enables enhanced portfolio and risk management in parallel with digital efficiency, meaning a faster speed to yes.

Further empowering the property ecosystem, Valocity Data and Analytics is also available as an additional module. This enables users to gain deep insights into valuation workflow, operational analytics, portfolio risk, and market variance and trends, redefining decision-making.

With Valocity Core

  • Easily integrate with lender’s credit rules and workflows
  • Automate work allocation and valuation frameworks
  • Leverage advanced rules engines for alerts and real-time policy violations
  • Increase confidence with accurate property identification and validation
  • Reduce Turn Around Time (TAT) and cost, improving portfolio visibility
  • Gain control and improve transparency through audit trails

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