Valocity FAQs

How do I order a valuation on the Valocity Platform?
  • Search for a property by typing in the address and select the correct option from the pre-populated drop-down list. Note: if the page does not load to the data, imagery and attribute page; you have likely selected a temporary property.
  • Once the property landing page has loaded, scroll to the bottom of the page to proceed to ordering the report.
  • Next you will need to complete all the mandatory fields within the overview page before the platform will allow you to ‘Continue to Summary’.
  • After you have reviewed the order summary, continue with “Payment Options”. Examples of payment options “Proceed”, “Bank to Pay”, “Pay Now” “Pay Later” or “Proceed with Quote”.
Where can I confirm a status or follow up an active Valocity Order?
  • You can track or search for your valuation through your DASHBOARD – located in the top right corner. Here there are multiple status buckers of different stages of a valuation’s life cycle.
  • If you have the “Valocity Order Number”, you can also enter this directly into the SEARCH tab within the DASHBOARD.
Why is my Valocity Order “Pending”?
  • As a Valuer / Quantity Surveyor, you are unable to access any orders in the “Pending” status as these jobs are still awaiting Customer Payment. Once the payment has been processed, you will receive a notification and these orders will move into your “New” or “Accepted” status buckets.
  • As the instructing party, if the Valocity Order is still in “Pending” status you will need to process the payment by selecting one of the “Payment Options” available to you.
How do I submit a Quote on the Valocity Platform?
  • When your firm has been requested to quote, will receive an email from the Valocity System.
  • Open the DASHBOARD and look for the Quoting status bucket. Here you can locate the Quotes that are still “pending”.
  • Open the Valocity Order and scroll to the “COMMENTS and ACTIONS” section at the bottom of the page. Click on the “Submit Quote” tab, enter the fee (including GST), the turnaround time in business days and any relevant comments.
How can I ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ a Quote in the Valocity Platform?
  • Once you receive an email notification confirming a quote or quotes have been submitted on the Valocity Platform; open the DASHBOARD and search the Valocity Order Number. Once you open the order – located towards the bottom of the screen is a “COMMENTS and ACTIONS” section. The quotes from each firm will be displayed with the amount, turnaround time and blue buttons for acceptance or rejecting.
How can I CREATE a Property?
  • If Valocity is unable to find the property you are searching for, you will need to create a ‘Temporary Property.’
  • Please only ‘Create a Property’ if you genuinely feel that the property does not yet exist in the Valocity database. If you think it should be there, feel free to email or call Valocity Support and our team will attempt to locate it for you.
  • Once you enter in all the new property details, a list of possible addresses will appear below the information you have entered.
  • After you have confirmed none of these are a match, proceed/scroll to the bottom of the page – create the temporary address by clicking ‘CREATE’
Where can I locate and download the Completed Valuation Report?
    • When you open the valuation to the details page – approx. halfway down the details page is an area called “Attached Files”. Here you can click on the paper icon to the right of the documents to download the report directly to your device.
How can I upload documentation that has been requested by the Valuer?
  • Once you locate the Order Number Details Page – located towards the bottom of the screen is a “COMMENTS and ACTIONS”  Here you can locate a blue button labelled ATTACH FILES. Once you select this button, you may attach the required documentation straight from your computer.
How can I cancel a Valuation in the Valocity Platform?
  • To cancel a valuation order, open the order via the dashboard or address search bar. Scroll to the bottom of the overview page and click “Cancel Order”.
  • You will be required to provide a comment regarding the cancellation which will be passed on to the valuer.
How do I submit a Price Adjustment?
  • If a Price Adjustment is required click on the ‘Submit Price Adjustment’ tab in the “COMMENTS and ACTIONS” section. Enter the New Price including GST as well as commentary advising why the price adjustment applies.
  • The Lender or Instructing Party will be notified and will need to accept or reject the price adjustment. Consultants should wait for confirmation that the difference in valuation fees is agreed upon and paid prior to completing the job.
How can I ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ a Price Adjustment in the Valocity Platform?
  • Once you receive an email notification confirming a Price Adjustment has been submitted on the Valocity Platform; open the Order Number Details Page – located towards the bottom of the screen is a “COMMENTS and ACTIONS”  Here in the comments section, the adjustment requested directly from the assigned valuer will be displayed with the blue buttons for acceptance or rejection.
How to navigate the Valocity Platform DASHBOARD?
  • Clicking on the ‘Dashboard’ option on the toolbar will take you to the dashboard. This area of the platform will show you the status of Valuations Ordered by the User.
  • Clicking on each bucket will allow you to see each valuation in that status.
  • ‘VIEW ALL’ is also another way to see all valuations ordered by the User.
How do I upload documents to my profile?
  • To access your profile, you will need to click on your name in the top right hand corner.
  • Select “My Profile” from the drop-down list and then select “Change My Details”.
  • Once you select “Change My Details” you will have the option to upload ALL documents required to ensure your profile stays active.
How do I delete documents from my profile?
    • You will not have access to delete any documentation from your profile. Please email the Valocity Support team at