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Valuation Ordering Platform

Industry leading Property Valuations and Appraisals Platform

The Valocity Platform is a fully modular, customisable solution to automate and streamline the entire mortgage and property valuation process for lenders, valuers, insurers, brokers and their customers.

The solution can be configured through flexible modules allowing lenders to customise unique workflows, automate and digitise data and credit policies, and cascade into a range of valuation types from automated valuation models to full valuation inspections, delivering the right level of compliance for the appropriate level of risk.

Valocity can digitise a lender’s entire credit policy to remove subjectivity for a faster speed to yes. All valuation types are catered for by the platform: 
  • Automated Valuation Models (AVM)
  • Desktop Valuations
  • Full market Valuations
  • Agri Property Valuations
  • Commercial Property Valuations

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Automated Valuation Models

Valocity leverages machine learning and advanced analytics to create automated valuation models, providing a real time valuation of a property’s current market value for instant decisioning and a faster speed to yes.
Powered by models that have been specifically designed for the New Zealand market, our AVMs provide a robust measure with which to value properties individually or in bulk. And with continual monitoring of accuracy and weekly testing, you can get the reassurance you need when making property decisions. Being at the forefront of the industry means continually innovating and creating additional value, to which Valocity also produces AVM modelling for Property Rentals. Now property managers and lenders alike can access estimates of rental yield and capital gain by property type, attributes, and location leveraging the power of Valocity’s analytics coupled with its strong industry data partnerships.

Property Data & Portfolio Analytics

Valocity curates and meticulously maintains New Zealand’s most comprehensive property database including property and geospatial attributes, sales price history, titles, valuation information and more. Whether to power a segmentation model, predict housing demand and inform urban planning, or report on specific property trends over the past decades, Valocity’s breadth and depth of data resources can support you. Real-time use of property data is simple using our APIs. Easily incorporated, you can fetch the latest property information from within your applications. And if you want to streamline the process even further whilst reducing errors then Valocity’s address selector ensures accurate identification from the outset.

Data Driven Decision Making

Valocity began its journey in property data to create New Zealand’s best Automated Valuation Model (AVM) for bank-grade property decisioning processes. Using this same expertise, Valocity continues to create models and analytical tools that help businesses accelerate data driven decision making through up to the minute portfolio analytics, concentration risk management, and informed credit risk policy decisions. Better business processes increasingly feature automation, machine learning and business intelligence. These tools enable Valocity to deliver rich insights and purposeful analytics to support decisioning.

Data Enrichment

The key to advancing any data strategy is understanding current data, and ensuring it is in the best possible state before beginning a data transformation journey. Valocity’s data scientists, engineers and analysts can help transform your current data, leveraging our existing property data universe to cleanse, certify and enhance. The ability to augment as well as relate disparate property datasets can significantly enhance your ability to make data driven decisions, manage risk, and provide superior advice to your clients.

Data Empowered

Providing the best data services means working with the best partners in the industry and collaborating with other leading data providers – through which Valocity provides you a comprehensive understanding of your data points and how they connect with the property ecosystem around them. We combine your data with ours, empowering you with insights on equity, life stage, risk, rental occupancy, buyer journey, and more. Providing you with actionable insights and predictors of future opportunities. If you are unsure on how to best make the most of this wealth of information, Valocity can work with you to design and implement bespoke dashboarding, visualisations and data strategy implementations.

Our Data Partners

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Digital Valuation Tools

Valocity Research

APIX (API Property Exchange) was designed and developed in partnership with the API (Australian Property Institute). APIX collates, cross-references and aligns many disparate data sources to provide valuers with a comprehensive understanding of different properties, across the whole of Australia. The API APIX application was designed specially to meet the requirements of Valuers in Australia.

Valocity Connect

To address and solve health, safety and business continuity issues resulting from COVID-19, Valocity introduced Valocity Connect, a mobile App for safe, secure and remote property data collection. In collaboration with the ecosystem, Valocity Connect has been created to enable property professionals to collect images and data for property inspections either on-site or remotely, by inviting the occupant to share images and data using the mobile App. All uploaded data is stored securely and validated with timestamps and location mapping.

Customised Fintech

Valocity recognises that lenders want to streamline the onboarding of customers and make their lives easier. We work in collaboration with our clients, allowing them to leverage our flexible, customisable, bank-grade technology to design end to end solutions that can be white labelled. 
Valocity’s industry leading team provides policy recommendations and strategic advice to the entire property and lending ecosystem including lenders, valuation firms, industry and Government regulators on the use and application of data, technology and integrated workflows to create seamless and secure digital experiences. This includes customised collateral risk management including:
  • Proprietary market indices
  • Portfolio automated valuation models
  • Trend and concentration risk analytics
  • Valuation Strategy on a page and best practice policy
  • Manage your existing mortgage portfolio to have visibility of your mortgage book