Valocity Onsite

In-field data capture tool for valuers.

For the first time, Valocity Onsite allows nationwide valuers to digitally and accurately complete valuation reports and appraisals in field.

Valuers can leverage unique data capture on-site, as well as a smart valuation workflow that can generate reports in predefined formats and instantly share them back to lenders, reducing turnaround time.

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Industry-first data capture

Valocity Onsite empowers valuers with bespoke, bank-secure valuation tools, facilitating accurate and seamless data capture on the go.

Valuers can securely share this information with the bank, while also recording unique geospatial data such as real-time location tagging and time-stamped photos, all within a bank-customised report template.

With Valocity Onsite

  • Simplify valuations with an end-to-end digital solution for property valuers nationwide
  • Leverage auto calculations and smart validations, reducing the risk of human error
  • Easily communicate, share data, and securely share documents with lenders through digital connectivity
  • Gain efficiency and speed with standardised valuation templates and customised workflows
  • Stay compliant with regulatory requirements in a bank-grade secure solution, hosted as per regulatory body standards

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