The challenges associated with property data and addresses are well recognised, particularly in banking where lenders increasingly lack accurate and timely data driven decisions.  Missing property attributes, incomplete addresses, and non-standardised data significantly diminishes the value able to be realised from even the most comprehensive analytics.  

Valocity’s unique solution changes that by capturing geospatial data at multiple points in the site inspection process. Using ML algorithms, the address is verified or corrected and simultaneously the authenticity of the site inspection validated. Accurate, reliably acquired property data combined with Valocity’s proprietary analytics and visualisations enables property and market intelligence stratified down to the level of project, locality and pincode.

Valocity’s “One Smart Platform” is a ready to use lender platform which also includes a companion mobile app “Connect” for valuers – creating a true digital ecosystem. Regardless of size, all lenders can digitally transform their mortgage valuation process benefitting every stakeholder in the ecosystem and providing improved property data and analytics for all.

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