Valuation Process

How does the process work?

Your Bank or Broker has ordered a valuation on your behalf through the Valocity Platform. You will receive a payment link via email, once paid, the job will be assigned to an independent Valuation or QS Firm and Consultant who is eligible to complete your Property Report.

Once the report has been completed, the Consultant will upload the report to the Valocity platform which will then be emailed directly to your Bank/Broker.


How does a valuation query process work?

If you think that there is an error in the report or there are further items or sales evidence that you would like the Consultant to consider, then you should raise this with your bank/broker who are able to place a valuation query on your behalf.

Once a query is received, the consultant will review the items raised. If an amended report is required, they will make the changes and upload this into the Valocity platform which will be emailed to your Bank/Broker.

As per section 5.1 of the Valocity terms and conditions, in compliance with the lender’s requirements, Valocity must remain independent from the Valuation / QS firm. The valuation services and resulting report are solely being supplied by the Valuation / QS firm. Valocity’s involvement is limited to providing the technology system for ordering and delivery of the report.

After the query process is complete, if you wish to understand what other options/avenues you have available to you then please contact the Valuation Support Team for further advice by emailing