Valocity Commercial

End-to-end commercial valuation ordering platform.

Designed exclusively for commercial property valuations, Valocity Commercial is a fully customisable workflow and management system. Effectively digitising a previously manual process, the unique platform provides transparency, efficiency, and digital data capture.

Valocity Commercial delivers bespoke journeys based on several user roles, enriching lenders’ service offerings and ensuring a seamless, scalable experience.

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A one-stop shop solution

Integrating the latest quality data and cloud-based technology, Valocity Commercial delivers flexible, customisable digital user journeys for lenders, valuers, mortgage brokers, and their customers.

Catering to all types of commercial properties, valuation panels are auto-allocated according to bank approvals – with document sharing, payment, billing, and invoicing all controlled in platform.

A full suite of reporting is available as an additional module to support governance of valuers, as well as market and portfolio reporting.

With Valocity Commercial

  • Seamlessly connect with valuers nationwide through Lixi integration
  • Initiate valuation orders using advanced address searching and matching rules
  • Digitise complex policies and procedures for a faster speed to yes
  • Leverage configurable audit and compliance features to meet lender requirements
  • Ensures the right report type is ordered for the lending scenario via the iDecision module


Valocity’s Commercial iDecision module enables users to find the ideal report type for their lending scenario, removing subjectivity and minimising human error.


  • Recommends the most suitable report type for the lending decision
  • Faster speed to yes and cost savings for low-risk lending
  • Provides visibility and insight into the inputs and outcomes of lending decisions

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