Valocity iVal

Real-time automated valuation models.

Combining machine learning algorithms, property data, and AI, Valocity iVal produces robust automated valuation models relative to the surrounding area of the subject property.

Valocity iVal provides accurate valuation estimates for properties, assisting lenders in making fast, informed property lending decisions and driving next best credit conversations.

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Instant and accurate outputs

Combining machine learning algorithms with containerised cloud infrastructure, the iVal estimation runs across the national residential property base in Australia.

With a Forecast Standard Deviation (FSD) measure representing the uncertainty of an estimate as well as weekly monitoring and testing of accuracy, lenders have the reassurance they need when making property decisions.

With Valocity iVal

  • Leverage the latest real-time property sales to drive the most accurate results relative to the current market
  • Enhance portfolio management with bulk iVals to back-test your property book
  • Analyse historical iVals to gain data-driven market and property insights

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