Globally, lenders and brokers are experiencing two growing frictions: increasing regulatory compliance in parallel with rising customer expectations. To deliver to these challenges, both lenders and brokers need world class technology and data to support the residential and commercial lending process, enabling a more seamless and relevant customer experience.

To solve this significant industry need, globally recognised FinTech company Valocity, combined the best cloud-based technology and data to deliver human centred solutions that transform the mortgage valuation process in the age of the customer.

Following significant success in New Zealand where approximately 90% of lenders now use the Valocity platform for business crucial Full Market Valuation ordering, Valocity expanded to Australia to bring choice, innovation, and unique transformational technology.

Delivering to the Australian market for over two years, Valocity is rapidly expanding its footprint as innovative lenders, who are focused on the customer experience, continue to adopt Valocity’s market leading solution. The bank secure, native cloud-based property Valuation Platform provides flexible and customisable solutions to brokers, lenders, and their customers. Valocity is proud to work with leading Australian lenders including, La Trobe Financial, ING and RedZed.

Chris Calvert, Executive General Manager Distribution of RedZed said, “Consistent with RedZed’s objective of delivering a superior customer experience, we identified an opportunity to provide a more streamlined and simplified valuation process for our customers. Valocity’s online platform disrupts previous inefficient processes that comprised excessive emails and phone calls that will now be reduced to a single portal that manages the full valuation process and online payment facilities.”

Valocity Global Chief Product Officer Anita Hackett said, “The solution was designed with a customer centric ethos, and a mission to be scalable, configurable and entirely customisable to suit individual requirements. We know that digital and agile solutions are the future differentiators and those that embrace this change will be the ones who succeed in the age of the customer. Valocity digitises the entire property mortgage process for both residential and commercial lending with its unique cloud-based digital platform, combining Australia wide property data, modular technology and advanced analytics enabling data driven decisions through a seamless single platform solution.” 

Valocity’s end-to-end solution puts the customer at the centre while providing brokers and lenders with competitive advantage including:

  • Entirely digitised residential and commercial valuation report ordering, including instructing, receiving, and accepting reports
  • Automated quoting process saving critical time
  • Auto-allocation of valuations to lender’s specific unique Valuer Panel
  • Real-time payment solutions adding convenience
  • Implementation of SLAs for residential and commercial valuations
  • Residential and Commercial Panel management, including issuance and storing of important documents in a bank secure platform
  • Australia-based, local customer support and expert technical team
  • An automated invoicing solution with full reporting for efficiency
  • Provision of high-quality reporting of panel performance as well as valuable funnel conversion metric

These features empower lenders and brokers to lead the market with a faster, more efficient customer experience and streamline the “speed to yes” on loan approvals.

Chris Meaker, La Trobe Financial’s Head of Origination Channels, added, “Being a first mover in the industry with this technology, we were keen to receive broker feedback. Whilst we were extremely confident it would be well received, the proof is always in the pudding, and so we were delighted to receive an overwhelmingly positive response from our early users. We trust you will be excited about the flexibility this offers both you and your clients, facilitating a seamless digital valuation ordering process through Valocity.”

Valocity Australia Country Head Mark Nassiff says, “Valocity’s digital platform was built in close collaboration with the industry to address previous broker and lender pain points. The solution delivers game changing efficiency to both residential and commercial lending processes and significant workflow and process improvements.”

While no one knows what tomorrow may bring, change is a given, and the future belongs to those that embrace agile, flexible technology and digital solutions built with the customer at the heart.

Learn more about Valocity’s extensive range of future proof, digital solutions and how they can support your business to compete in a rapidly changing environment.


About Valocity:

Valocity is a FinTech company transforming and digitising the property decisioning process globally with customers across Australia, New Zealand, India, and Asia.

Valocity digitises the entire property valuation process with its unique cloud-based valuation platform, with bespoke solutions for residential, commercial, and agricultural lending.

It combines the best of nationwide property data with global technology and advanced analytics expertise to create automated valuation models, customised insights, and desktop valuations that enable data driven decision making and more seamless customer experiences.

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Sara Pesic, Head of Marketing, Valocity