Valocity are excited to introduce ‘Valocity Connect’ a new digital inspection mobile App designed to support all sectors requiring property access for business continuity under the current challenging Covid-19 environment. 

Valocity’s Connect App supports lenders, valuers, strata managers, real estate agents and government with a customizable tool to enable property inspection and valuations through customer assisted in house inspections using secure geo tagging, seamless customizable digital templates and date validated images.

Valocity Connect was originally built for the complex India market, where the solution was recently recognised by winning the India Fintech Start-up of the year award. Working in collaboration with the property industry, Valocity has made special enhancements to the award-winning platform for all sectors  where property inspections are required, by extending access to the App to property occupants (both residential & commercial) to help facilitate an inspection which is now no longer possible due to COVID-19.  

By providing the property occupier with a link to download the Valocity Connect App or web application, property occupiers are able to easily collect images and data and seamlessly share it to the relevant service provider, instead of requiring a third party  to enter the property.

 The Valocity Connect solution will uniquely allow the property occupier to:

  • Capture property images, in an intuitive customisable template 

  • Enter key attribute information such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms or office area details for commercial properties 

  • Update any recent upgrades or changes to the property 

  • Date stamp uploaded photos

  • Geo-tag the location for property address validation

  • Easily attach any property plans or documents 

  • Confirm the authenticity of the data captured via the occupier’s digital signature

Share this all securely via the secure Microsoft Azure cloud based Valocity platform. 

This will allow the service provider to complete their report/ inspection accurately while not having to enter the property.

Founder and Global CEO, Carmen Vicelich said “Our team quickly recognised the operational issues that would arise from COVID-19.  Together with our property ecosystem we have accelerated the roll out of Valocity Connect across Asia Pacific to address this need.  

People are everything, and in unprecedented times like this, we need creative technology and data led solutions to help keep everyone safe but also enable business continuity.   

We know our clients want to ensure they can support customers through times of need while managing the health and safety of property owners and service providers is crucial.   This solution gives all sectors and their customers peace of mind that property inspections can still be completed, all while staying on top of regulatory compliance and data security requirements.”

With the growing need for social distancing, the Valocity Connect solution delivers an important remote and secure data capture tool to connect validated property information and solve an important need across a raft of industries. 

We look forward to continuing to work closely with our ecosystem to deliver seamless solutions that leverage technology and data, while also ensuring people and their health and safety are put first and foremost.