In 2018 Valocity was recognised as one of ten finalists in the Global General category at the Global Fintech Awards in Singapore.

Valocity has been the recipient of a number of New Zealand awards and was a finalist at the recent 2018 Singapore Fintech Festival in both the Global Fintech Hackcelerator Awards (one of 20 finalists from 304 international entries) and the Global Fintech Awards (one of 10 finalists from 210 entries).

The Valocity Platform supports the growing demand for increased regulatory compliance in conjunction with improved customer experience for a more seamless and transparent mortgage and valuation process. Valocity digitises a bank’s credit policy, automates the valuation process and allows seamless data capture and insights throughout the process. Three of New Zealand’s five largest banks are now using the Valocity Platform, transforming the mortgage industry.

Valocity’s pitch was that it’s “transforming the mortgage and valuation process all through One Smart Platform. It combines the best of technology, data and analytics through a modular, cloud-based solution. This enables banks to deliver more seamless, transparent and relevant customer experiences, while at the same time managing risk and regulatory compliance.”

“In just 5 years Valocity has opened offices in New Zealand, Australia and India, and supported over half a Trillion of lending decisions through its platform.”