The Future of Valuations

Industry Whitepaper | April 2022 When you consider mortgage lending over the past few years, apart from house prices rising globally, little has changed. Yet, two big trends have emerged:
  • Post GFC, the need for increased regulatory compliance and best practice in mortgage lending is now a part of every lender’s DNA
  • Increased expectations of customers for seamless and relevant digital experiences
Consequently, we have seen developments in the valuation and appraisal space to solve this, including:
  • The introduction of Valuation Ordering Platforms
  • The development of various Valuation Models in structured markets
  • The creation of new kinds of technology to allow in-field digital data capture and reporting
Further technological developments are on the horizon or are now coming to market, including AI, blockchain, valuations where physical inspection is not required, and analytics. How will this impact the role of the valuer? Property continues to be the most valuable asset in the world. As such, client expectations are changing with a focus on understanding likely future values, the sustainability of those values, and value enhancement reflected in environmentally responsible and resource-efficient buildings. Are valuers ready?