Valocity, an industry-leading New Zealand Fintech company that automates and streamlines the mortgage lending and valuation process has officially signed OCBC to use the Valocity Platform.

OCBC helps individuals and businesses across communities achieve their aspirations, by providing innovative financial services that meet their needs. 

The forward-thinking bank has partnered with Valocity to transform their mortgage lending and valuation process. The Valocity Platform helps banks to digitise their entire valuation workflow, enabling OCBC to deliver a more streamlined customer experience while at the same time improving collateral risk management.

The partnership is being announced today at the world’s largest Fintech Festival currently being held in Singapore, with over 60,000 delegates attending from over 130 countries, and which is testament to the success of the event in bringing together global collaborative innovation.

Valocity’s innovative technology platform was recognised at last year’s Singapore’s Fintech Festival as both a Top 10 Global Finalist and a Top 20 Hackcelerator participant. Valocity are also a finalist in the 2019 India Fintech Awards having made the top 20 from more than 350 international entries.

Valocity’s cloud-based valuation platform helps banks provide consumers with a faster speed to yes for mortgage lending, in parallel with improved regulatory compliance. OCBC was recently recognised as “World’s Best Consumer Bank” and with their appetite to innovate and embrace digital innovation and transformation, one can understand why.

A big theme at this years conference is the need to partner to thrive in a changing world. CEO and Founder Carmen Vicelich said, “it’s exciting to find clients who understand the need to innovate and leverage the power of technology and data to deliver to customer needs. And we’re delighted to work with OCBC.”