Valocity launched the first-ever cloud-based Full Valuation Ordering Platform in Australasia, going live with their first Australian lender, ING in March 2019.

The flexible and customisable platform connects the entire ecosystem of lenders, brokers, valuers and customers to deliver a more seamless customer experience coupled with improved risk management.

Valocity leverages the latest technology and data in parallel with advanced analytics and machine learning to transform the property valuation and lending process end to end.

After working for CoreLogic NZ Ltd for over 10 years, Carmen Vicelich founded Valocity after recognising an opportunity in the market to create a best in breed innovative Valuation Management solution.  Leveraging the latest technology that is agile, modular and fully customisable, the Valocity platform can be easily tailored to regulatory and individual lender requirements.

Valocity’s intuitive cloud-based full valuation ordering platform first launched in NZ where it rapidly gained market share to now connect the most brokers, valuers, customers and lenders, enabling a more transparent and intuitive user experience.

Founder and CEO Carmen Vicelich said, “We built Valocity in collaboration with the industry, because when we looked at the valuation process, so little had changed in so long, and the market was calling out for innovation.  Our team has a passion to make the complicated simple using technology and data, and we’re excited to be working with industry leaders in the Australian market.”

For more information please visit the website or email Mark Nassif, Head of Australia –