Organising an inspection

The Valocity platform requires all users placing a valuation order to complete a COVID-19 check to try determining whether there are any active or probable cases present on site. The answer to this is clearly relayed within the valuation instruction as below:


In addition to this, Valocity continues to advise valuation firms and valuers to undertake active steps to manage any possible risks.  Valocity also seeks to determine from the customer, at the time of ordering the valuation, whether there will be:

Anybody who will be present at the time of inspection is the subject of a quarantine order by a health authority, or a self-isolation/self-quarantine scenario or are exhibiting active symptoms.

This question should also be asked at the time of organising the inspection by the valuer and then re-validated once you arrive at the subject property.

If the answer to the above is yes or you have any concerns about the situation you are entering, please contact the Valocity Support team immediately, before confirming the inspection or entering the property and they will advise on how best to proceed.

Inspection Expectations

Alert Level

Inspection type

Limited Inspection


Full Internal Inspection



Full Internal Inspection



Full internal if this can be safely completed adhering to distancing requirements

Only with individual approval from bank/lender confirmed via Valocity prior to inspection


No inspections able to be undertaken

No inspections able to be undertaken

What if the homeowner/occupier doesn’t want me to come inside?

If when you are organising the inspection, the homeowner or occupier doesn’t feel comfortable letting you into the property, then please place the job on hold and contact the Valocity Support team by placing a comment on the order. The team will contact the bank/lender and confirm how they wish to proceed.


What should I do If I don’t feel comfortable inspecting a property?

If you don’t feel comfortable inspecting a property during the heightened Alert Levels, this is ok. Just place your Valocity profile ‘out of office’ for the meantime until the Alert Level is reduced.


Should I accept a job if I am unable to inspect the property?

No, if you or your firm are not undertaking inspections during this time then please do not accept valuation assignments to be inspected at a later date.


What if I have to undertake a Limited Inspection?

Please follow the Limited Inspection guidelines set out in the Residential Valuation Standing Instructions Addendum attached to each valuation request.


What if I have been to the property before?

As per International Valuation Standards – the Valuation Inspection should be completed at the date of valuation. A previous visit to the property therefore cannot be used in place of a current valuation inspection.


Can I travel between regions to complete a valuation?

If your valuation instruction requires you to travel between regions, then please place the job on hold and contact the Valocity Support team.


Validation of third-party data

For a bank to accept a Valuation Report Subject to a Limited inspection as for a full valuation, it is important that you ensure any third-party data relied upon is validated as best as possible (compare the photos from your edge of property or external inspection with those provided). Please familiarise yourself with the RVSI Addendum.