The Valocity team is what you get when superheroes work together. We combine our people, passion and purpose to make the complicated simple.

Last week, we brought the majority of the team together for an exciting day of leadership, company strategy, planning and innovation workshops. To top it off we finished the day celebrating success with a staff party – superhero style.

All together better

On our journey of international growth, we have witnessed the power and dedication of our people first hand. The incredible passion, ideas and time they put into developing, innovating and supporting our platform and customers are truly phenomenal.

Given our team is spread across the globe, we make the most of every opportunity we have to get together. We know that when you combine the right mix of talented people, shared valued and diverse thinking magic happens!


Customer Success Obsessed

From day one, our Platform was designed by identifying our clients’ needs and fulfilling them. As we grow we want to make sure we are always being proactive, striving for customer success and delivering the best results.

At Valocity, we are game changers and as we expand, we make sure we stay ahead of the game. With this in mind, we had the amazing Ivan, Founder of Promapp, join us in the Auckland office and talk to us about the power of process.

Ivan talked to the importance of owning your own processes, taking accountability and driving process improvements. From risk management to increased transparency, the correct process can ensure we continue to deliver the best product and service to our customers.

A huge thank you to Ivan for giving the team fantastic insights into the importance of process and how it can support positive improvements where everyone in the company is engaged. Our dream team continue to be committed to customer excellence.


Courage to challenge

Valocity is made up of people who are not afraid to do the hard stuff, solve the difficult problems or go the extra mile. Our people are our passion and their well-being is essential to making sure we are the best that we can be.

We were thrilled to have the inspirational wellness coach, Peter Bristow, present us with a new type of challenge, to make every week a winning week.

Peter challenged us to reflect on our daily routines, sleeping patterns, exercise regimes, take a cold shower and stop pressing that snooze button. Peter encouraged us to set goals, be brave and take steps towards achieving them. With the right mindset, dedication and perseverance, anything is possible.

Say yes to life, play the long game and set yourself up for success.

A massive thank you to Peter for challenging the team to reflect on what changes we can make in our everyday life to be our best selves both at work and in our personal lives. The Valocity team all contribute to a positive work environment with a work hard play hard mentality.


Transformation through innovation

At Valocity we’re passionate about helping our clients transform their business and processes to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Friday the 16th of August was a day dedicated entirely to innovation in line with our mantra to always make the complicated simple. We brought our people together for a day of collaboration, information sharing and planning. The output of ideas and conversations was simply amazing. A day like this one is invaluable, adding to our exciting pipeline and putting ideas into actions as we land and expand in new territories.  

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